Why Does It Rain Everyday?

by The Tickles

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This was recorded summer of 2015 in the basement of my house, alone.
The demo tape limited to 20 will be out 8/1/2015


released July 29, 2015

All music and stuff by Tony Bubblegum



all rights reserved


The Tickles Denver, Colorado

These are all songs about heartbreak, processing feelings, and crushes.

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Track Name: Behind You
I saw me behind you, in the reflection of the window
Standing outside the circle of all your friends
they don't like me and neither do you
and i don't need this
and you don't need this
Do you really care that I am crying now?
Can you see that you're moving on?
Track Name: Someone, Somewhere Else
There it was in the drain next to the sidewalk
Water rushing over it, it had been raining all week
I knew what it was so I bent down
Looked around
Fished it out
Another piece of me scattered around this town
Wasn't this where we came?
I mean I wasn't really there
You called that night and asked where I was
"well I'm down a block I'm hiding out"
because I don't like these people
and I'm tired of finding pieces I don't feel whole
maybe I'll just leave this here
Maybe I'll find better parts
as someone else
in someone else
or somewhere else
Track Name: Catch Your Eye
Will I catch your eye? I'm walking by
Acting like I don't care, but I really care
Track Name: House Ghost
I just got to know, is it work or the days off?
That hurt the worst, is it missing me or being around too much?
Sometimes I sit here
The house gets so dark
Am I the useless one?
Well go out I don't care
My sister says I look real thin, like a ghost wandering
I feel that way a lot
Lurking around this house alone.
Track Name: Tried Your Best
Trust me I tried but my hands started shaking
and I never lied but I couldn't keep a good grip on anything
I always dream about the way things fail, eventually
and I'm in your arms
I think you're trying to hold me still
my hands jump up and out
trying to grab onto something
but it isn't there, I think I can see something moving in the distance
and does it matter if you called my name?
does it matter if you grabbed at my shirt, should I run?
for it
tripped over my feet again
woke to find out where I am
and you tried your best
you tried your best
Track Name: By Chance
I like you, do you like me to?
I saw you look at me from across the room
Am I talking too loud? Or is it what I'm saying?
Words falling from my tongue and lips
a poetry that makes you laugh?
Or is it the fact that I'm in the way of what you're really trying to look at
did our eyes just meet by chance?
I like you, do you like me too?
I'm thinking of you
Hope i see you tonight
Track Name: Sunday
you said you saw is getting married but that you needed to get away
so you went out every night and soon you didn't come home where did you stay?
do you love him is he wrong for you? I don't care
I'll only get better if I let you go you'l be okay
So move your things let me go
I need to heal
Notes I sing words I wrote
we need to heal
Track Name: Victory
Trying to get better trust me I'm really trying now
look into the mirror even right into my bloodshot eyes
tell myself you're okay
but when I look into the city I feel so fucking small
And i still save your notes there is one in my lunch bag
you loved me once. Am I the same boy?
You loved me once. Am I still the same one you loved?
Haven't been getting better I lied when I said it's time to be happy
there is never time for me
time is all i think about with all my hair falling out
and i am tired all day
So I'll go out to see a movie
Pretend it's a victory
But it's easy to put myself on screen
then to stand on my own fucking feet.
Track Name: Moonlight
The moon has always been a place of peace
I put myself there a lot
The earth half-crescent in the dark
I'm sure you're down there now doing something
leaving work? going out? painting drawing?
Your hair shining in the moonlight
you run to meet your friends
maybe you're thinking of me, or not
It doesn't matter at all there is nothing where I am
Just dust and rock and night
So here I am now to get away
everything disappears on this lunar land
this dead surface
Memories that hurt, they stay on earth.