Simple Sadness

by The Tickles

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"You'll do your
but people will
and break your
learning to heal
how to mend
it's a skill for
and loving yourself,
it's a start"


released February 14, 2016

Songs by Tony Bubblegum
Recorded by Tony Bubblegum
Cover Art by Tiana (The Phoenix)
"simple sadness" font by Carley
Huge thanks to Alex Keith and Tiana for being my band-mates and my best friends ever, and always encouraging me to do this <3



all rights reserved


The Tickles Denver, Colorado

These are all songs about heartbreak, processing feelings, and crushes.

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Track Name: Short Lived
you've got a cool shirt
i made a dumb joke
and we caught eyes
while the bands were playing
i watched your hands slide across the table
you smiled and looked up
and you're not from here at all
i wish i could just hang around with you
and i know i'm not much
i'm from this small city
and you're just passing through
and i got to leave early
i'm look through the crowd
i can't say goodbye
so i wrote this stupid song
to say goodbye
because i'm a fool around you
Track Name: Where You Will Go
weight is a common feeling
these heavy hearted mornings
i close my eyes as i walk down the stairs
maybe you'll be here
can a day change you?
can a joke show you?
street lights flash our hands
you press your finger into my palm
we both choose sadness as a default
we explore every stupid thought
i know you're tired
do you think of me at all
bugs bounce off the porch light
where do they go to turn it off
i don't want to know
where you'll go
i smell the fall rolling in
i'll watch the flowers die
Track Name: Feelings Repeat
sores and dry lips
the sound between sleep
my turning body struggles
i think of nothing but myself
staring at a faucet leaking
a tempo slow enough
to repeat feelings i've always felt
but learned to ignore
Track Name: Confusing Language
i stand out in the sun
i'm waiting for someone
people talking in my head
the hills barely rise and fall
and i don't even know what i'm sad about
i used to think that i missed you
i'm back and i'm sick
I'm back and i'm not hiding from anyone
i am the traffic in the morning
i am the common cold
i am the frozen drain
i am joke too old
with the punch line missed
obscured in confusing language
and the sun turns the sky pink
and i guess it looks pretty
i don't even know where to start
the city seems too big now
and i'm stuck
looking at the same face
in the same mirror
in the same house
Track Name: Drift On
quiet can you hear the heat turn on
it's a low hum
as the snow freezes over the slush turns to ice
and the cats climb in the attic
and the flower pots are gone
the garden beds are falling apart
and i'll reach up high
to knock down a spider web
but it sticks to my hand
and i try to shake it off
you are calling me again
so i'll head straight downstairs
straight into my mind, the dark space
the stars far away
and i drift on next to you
the moons laugh
at an insignificant boy
i drift on...
i wake up on the couch
the tv is on and i hear the heat hum
i drift on..
Track Name: Simple Sadness
left to simple tasks
hands pull at plants
thorns will pierce the skin
sun will dry out dirt
and like a weak flower
it blossoms beautiful and proud
until pulled from the earth
and thrown in the street
was i even in the back
of your mind
did you think of me when you were
staring at photo in an art gallery
your friend from out of town is visiting
"my god how are you?"
(i thought you were dead in my memory)
no i'm in the bathroom and i'm laughing
i thought i was further past all of this
i fix my hair, straighten my shirt
do i look pretty tonight?