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This collection of songs was recorded while I was living in Pittsburgh. It was one of the first times I really questioned the point of my own existence as well as the existence of tangible and intangible systems. Systems like capitalism and the less tangible systems of love and care for others. The songs are limited because I was living in a very limited way. I had very few instruments and tools to work with. Some songs you can hear mistakes and sounds of a cat (Linda) running around. I decided to not even bother fixing these things because they all document a time in my life, that for better or for worse, I truly started to understand that I did exist and it's purpose was even more unclear than ever.
Basically these songs are about channeling fear and doubt into art. I don't know if any of it is really good, and I don't really think that was the point.
Anyway this recording goes out to April, Linda, and all the other super kind people I met in Pittsburgh, I will not ever forget your kindness and all of your attempts at making sure I was okay!

(The photo is a place I went to a few times while living in pittsburgh that i loved because it was one of the very few places I felt was existing in a genuine way.)


released April 9, 2017

Tony Bubblegum- guitar, keys, drums, bells,
Linda the cat - jingle ball, paws on microphone, positive energy

Photo by April Frankenstein



all rights reserved


The Tickles Denver, Colorado

These are all songs about heartbreak, processing feelings, and crushes.

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Track Name: What I Did
Don't fall in traps
that you set
over again
thats what i did

don't let your friends
in your mind
that's what i did

i wouldn't lie and say you're fine
when you're not
thats what i did

soon you'll be all alone
in your head
giving up
thats what i did

so be brave
believe in it?
more now than ever
thats what i said

you'll have to
try at least
one more time
or you'll end up dead
Track Name: West
i can't go back there
i can't live back there
i can't be out east
so west i'll head
i'm a western boy

tangled up in mountains and plains
feeling old friends pulling at strings
Track Name: Hold
hold on to nothing
thoughts in your head
that keep you awake
a place you'll never be
a person you'll never meet
so hold on
to nothing
Track Name: Tree Drawing
hold my breath through tunnels
but run from all my troubles
i stare at up at the stars
but i usually don't see any
stairs can lift
but not carry
i draw a picture of a tree
but it looks nothing like one
i am but a string
i am but a string
can you find me?
can you see me?
i can barely see me too
Track Name: Rocky
at what point is my dream
deemed acceptable by me
i want to sip on coffee for hours
i cut the collar of my shirt
i wanted it to hang low
i want to appear less
like a man
don't want to exhibit my strengths as strength
but what will change at thirty?
physically you could change the world around you
but what will change deep down inside you?
at thirty i'm really going to try
for my dream
if rocky did so can you
Track Name: 40th Street
i walked to the park on 40 street
the sky was blue the air was crisp
my eyes watered the whole walk there
i couldn't tell if i was crying or not

today is the first day that i'm alone

i can smell the trees and grass
the air picks up the scent of all these old buildings
this park was made in 1909
what is it i want to uncover

day one means being brave enough to go to the store

a string can pull but not push
what will call to me today
shifting between thoughts and poetry
reality and daydreaming